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From the Science
to the Sell
the Launch Continuum

We train PHARMA AND biotech professionals
to bring innovative therapies to the healthcare market

Our experience has shown us that curricula beginning with foundational science, building on that foundation with exceptional skills, and then bolstering the science and the skills with sustainment-focused learning is the most effective way to prepare pharma and biotech professionals to succeed in the field.

What is the launch continuum?

Bringing a therapy to market is more than an event, it’s a process involving 3 critical phases around FDA approval. We call this the launch continuum:

Pre-approval preparation

Market introduction

Growth and label expansion

We create custom education and training across all phases of the launch continuum focused on science, skills, and sustainment. Check out Our Work to see what we do.

Brand stewardship


Take our role as stewards of your brand very seriously.

We work with you to identify and assess your unique training needs.

Study your brand strategy, your culture, your customers, and the market to create training to achieve your specific goals.

Create training that will equip you to successfully sell to your customers in dynamic, competitive markets, and ultimately benefit the patients they treat.

Invest the time and effort because we know from experience that it pays off, resulting in more effective learning, retention, and performance.


Science-based innovative learning

We educate patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to support optimal care and improved outcomes.
We train pharma and biotech professionals to bring innovative therapies to the healthcare market.

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