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Here are examples of the custom work we create for our clients, along with a showcase of beautifully illustrated science interactives for you to really get inspired to take learning to the next level. Let’s talk about your training goals and how we can collaborate to inspire innovation together.

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Our emphasis on collaboration extends beyond our team to not only our clients but also our creative partners. Click Learn More to view uniquely engaging visual stories we created in partnership with iSO-FORM—industry leaders in digital storytelling for science and medicine.
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10 Micro Modules


Concise, visually engaging modules establish a strong basis in science
8 Interactive Anatomy

Interactive Anatomy

User-driven, immersive illustrations animate, correlate, and explicate anatomical structures
2 Flashcards

Touchscreen Activities

Simple interactivities, like digital flashcards, effectively teach key concepts and assess learning
1 MiniSeminar2

Motion-Graphic Videos

Short video animations bring concepts, anatomy, and complex processes to life
7 Learning Platforms

Learning Platforms

Integrated digital platforms provide easy access to a variety of learning programs
5 Patient Experience2

Patient Journeys

Interactive stories and timelines relate patient experiences with diseases and treatment
11 Workshops


Live or virtual instructor-led learning imparts knowledge and skills, and enables peer practice
12 Learning Games

Game-Based Learning

Digital and analog competitive games reinforce learning and motivate learners
9 AR Patient Gallery

Augmented Reality

AR interactives contextualize learning through enhanced real-world environments

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