Creative and astute, Cathy loves the challenge of creating training that is innovative and fun. She works closely with clients to define objectives, align to brand strategy, and engage audiences in unique and meaningful ways. Cathy is passionate about the design of selling models, field coaching reports, and certification rubrics, and strives to create alignment on essential behaviors and provide teams with a common language and expectations.

Cathy brings extensive experience training rare disease field teams, including medical affairs, sales representatives, nurse educators, and patient services professionals. She is also well-versed in the design of educational materials for health care professionals and patients, with a particular focus on clinical trial recruitment and retention strategies.

Cathy received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her MEd from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Fun fact: Cathy adopted the sweetest little pit bull in the world, an “itty bitty pitty” named Gabby, and actively participates in several rescue organizations.