Cindy brings more than 20 years in pharma and biotech to the team. Her experience as a content developer and instructional designer for numerous launches, sales meetings, and curriculum design initiatives across a variety of therapeutic areas enables her to tackle client challenges with confidence, skill, and efficiency. She also has a strong foundation in professional writing and editing, resulting in her work and the work of the writers she oversees being of impeccable quality, flow, and clarity.

Cindy’s goal in creating training is to bring clinical and product information to life through comprehensive and engaging curriculum design, and she has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver consistently for her clients.

Cindy obtained her BA in English and her MA in Technical and Professional Communication from East Carolina University.

Fun fact: Cindy is an avid reader of murder mysteries and historical novels. She tries to get through at least one chapter a night after her young kids are finally in bed.